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Fish Room Closure, JOB LOT STEAL

Posted 09 Nov, 2018 | Hits: 140
Country: UK
Region: West Yorkshire
City: Leeds
Hi, closing down a a fishroom I have been working on for the last 4 years that never took off. Ideal for someone thinking of setting up a fishroom.


the 2 frag tanks are made from 10mm glass others are 8mm. all tanks apart from sumps have 2, 25mm drains the smaller stock tanks i made myself.

tank list comprises of:

2 x frag tanks 80cm W x 60cm D x 40cm (pic 2,3)H.(PLEASE READ DISCLOSURE)
1 x sump 80cm W x 75cm D x 46cm H(pic 4)
1 x sump 100cm W x 75cm D 43cm H(pic 5)
2 x stock tanks 90cm W x 38cm D x 38cm H(pic 6)
1 x stock tank 70cm W x 38cm D x 33cm H(pic 6)
1 x sump 65cm W x 38cm D x 38cm H(pic 6)
OTHER TANKS kereisel fry tank small (pic 7)other tanks.

Ive taken this week off to clear my fishroom out and get my garage back so dont have alot of time that's why things are going for cheap. whoever can pick up the quickest will probably be chosen also note you will need a van large enough and scrap carpet or something similar to transport/ pad them in.
I also have to get rid of my liverock first (see other add) which is going for free. and I also have lots of equipment plumbing etc which will be going for cheap.
skimmers : deltec ap600 I think?, deltec ap851 I think?, bubble magnus cone skimmer. bubble magnus in good nick others not that great but work fine.
eheim heater, newjet pumps

(DISCLOSURE on frag tanks)
2 x frag tanks that have never been used. I had them custom made for me and they both weren't up to scratch as they both leaked as were not sealed properly also wasnt happy with some of the structural seams on the bottom of the side of both of the tanks.(all other seals fine)(please see pic8) I have repaired one of the tanks which involved striping all the sealing seals out, siliconing in 2 thick glass runners then resealing the whole tank. I then eurobraced the whole tank for extra support. glass is 10mm thick so was overkill for the aquarium and have water tested it and its a beast. BUT other frag tank needs doing the same with which. I have all the pieces of glass cut ready to be silioned in. isnt too hard all you need is to pick up some glass clean blades or stanley blades, some rubbing alcohol or something similar and some aquarium silicone.

Any questions just ask. cheers Rob


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